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When you hire our alumni, you get top talent and diversity while contributing to social impact.

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Traditional sourcing does not work for diverse talent

We are a community. We attract the top talent in the region & invest deeply in them.

Our approach is your bridge to talent

Inspire & screen top computer scientists from the Middle East

Train for 5 months on skills required in global tech jobs

Vet rigorously with support from industry professionals

Provide custom matches & ongoing support

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Our Outcomes


placement rate


success at FAANG


avg salary increase


women engineers

Why the Middle East and North Africa?

One of the most diverse & undiscovered regions in the world

Large educated population

This region will soon have as many STEM graduates annually as Europe. It has the youngest population in the world and rates of tertiary education exceed those in the USA.

Remote or onsite

Some of our alumni prefer to relocate to Europe; others prefer to stay home and work remotely. Our partnerships team can support you with either option.

Diverse in many ways

Our talent pool is diverse in every sense: ethnicity, religion, language, life experience, and gender. In Palestine, more women study computer science than men.

Social impact

This region has the highest rate of youth unemployment in the globe. In Palestine 83% of women computer science graduates are unemployed. Join us to change that.

Support our social impact mission

Distribute job opportunities

By hiring Manara alumni, you create jobs for top talent in the region with the highest youth unemployment rate in the world.

Engage your employees

Spread the word! By joining us as mentors, your employees can support our mission, grow their skills, and identify top talent for your company.

Financial agreements

We have various partnership models to meet your needs, including annual subscriptions and student sponsorships.

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